Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I've been SPARK'ed!

Last evening, I received a copy of The SPARK by Spark People founder Chris Downie.

I've devoured uhm... read three chapters so far and it's re-motived, re-energized, and re-newed my conviction to continue to lose weight.

If you aren't familiar with Spark People -- please check it out today! It's absolutely FREE and there is no obligation.

Spark People offers Nutrition, Weight Loss, and Fitness Trackers, Forums, Teams, Message Boards, Blogs, Instructional Videos, and so much more. But the most important thing it offers is friendship and support.

Try it -- give it just one month. You will see a change in yourself.

I did.

When you sign up, please tell them that body-n-progress sent you!

Now, back to reading The Spark!



Mama Bear June said...

Haven't been Sparked. I just can't do even one more thing online! :-P Glad you enjoy it. :-)
Path to Health

FabFatties said...

I loved Spark people when I used it. I am leary of starting anything else right now for time sake or I would be on it! I will have to look into the book though.
I am happy to be able to find your blog again.
Wish I would have been here in time for your giveaway, that is an awesome prize!