Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Returning again... with purpose!


I thought I had it ALL under control and could lose (and maintain) without support of fellow bloggers.


So... as you can see, I'm back up past 250. 274 as a matter of fact.

It's not the 298 I started at in 2009 -- but certainly NOT the 233 I ended off at in December 2009.

But... no despair. I've been back at Spark People since May 27th and today, at weigh-in, I had dropped 10 POUNDS!.

GO ME! :)

I'm NOT going to yo-yo again. I'm 50 years old -- I can't do that anymore. I've also set my goal at 150 -- a bit more realistic than 130, doncha think? LOL!

So... let's keep this ball rollin'!


Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Part of getting back on track is acknowledging where you are and having a solid plan to get back to where you need to be! Congratulations on doing just that!